I asked two girls out at once. What should I do?

I'm really scared right now. I like two girls a lot but I didn't know who to choose so I asked them both out. I'm scared I might lead a girl on and break her heart or something. Jesus Christ I think I fucked up. What should I do?

I just thought it could be like a casual thing. I could maybe date around to see what I like. Am I making this way more serious than it needs to be or did I just legitimately trap myself in a love triangle?


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  • Now that's stupid. Liking two girls is okay but asking them both out at once.. Not a good idea


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  • Wooooooaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh well just ask yourself, " which is worse? " And choose the better one.

    Tell the other you weren't feeling right or you weren't thinking right and were in your feelings because of an ex or something.

    Now if they know eachother or are even friends, tell the other that you vented to her about your feelings and stuff and she made you feel better and you fell in love in a way, and ig actually mildly vent to her.

    Then if the other asks why you asked her out it was bc of the same reason, stick to the story, but that you actually meant to ask out whoever because of the huge feelings you felt for her when she " made you feel better "

    But all that is IF they know eachother but it never hurts to do it anyway incase they actually become friends in the future, I've been there lol


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  • Until you want sexual exclusivity, I don't see a problem. Just don't be a liar.

  • You got hoes

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