Do you think style matters in a relationship? (Suit and ties)?

I'm 19 dating this 26 year old woman honestly. I like to wear Dress pants, oxfords and dress shirts with ties, sometimes business suits and wear cologne! My outfit fits me perfectly too!
But I think I go too over dressed? I think my style attracts her?


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  • That would bug me honestly. But i reckon she is either fine with it or even likes it.

    • Thanks for your answer! A guy that dresses nice bugs you?

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    • Try like a Steve jobs type look but don't be afraid to go suits sometimes but don't go double vested and don't wear matched sets for a suit unless it is a formal business need

    • Right, I wear a modern slim fit black suit, they are ironed. Like madmen style with skinny ties. Like if we go out to dinner thought, maybe not common on men my age..

What Guys Said 1

  • It will matter to some girls more than others. Doubt its a major factor to anyone though.


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