I've been talkig. To this girl please read details for more?

Me and this girl are both 19 I'm a male we met on tinder abot 5 days ago and we have been texting and snap chatting none stop and I asked her on a date like the second day we were talking and she said that would be so much fun but let's get to know each other better first so it been like 3 days since I asked her out a see have been Non stop talking and should I ask her out we both flirt and stuff should I ask her out again or wait a little longer


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What Girls Said 2

  • Wait a little longer, but not too long.

    Acting again too soon may come off wrong but her waiting too long may show her intentions are to not meet offline.

    I'd wait another week and try again, if she says any longer I'd be upfront and say something like "I'm looking to meet people in person. I respect that you want to get to know me and it's mutual but in person, in a public place is, in my opinion, a better and more efficient way to get to know eachother."

    Don't get too deep until you've met. Good luck.

  • You could try asking her out again.


What Guys Said 1

  • That girl is losing interest. You need to make an assertive move or find another girl.


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