Can someone tell me the difference of a shy guy wanting sex and a outgoing guy wanting sex?

At the end of the day guys want sex or the main goal IS sex. People tell me not to go with the netflix and chill guy but go with a guy who wants to take you out.

I feel like at the end of the day a guy takes a girl out for sex the difference is a lazy dater vs the non lazy dater right?


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  • Shy guy: "E---Excuse me mmmmiss, would you mind... uhhh... making me company tonight? I could make you have a wo-wo-wonderful night. You won't regret it. Pl-please? Please :) "

    Outgoing guys: "Yo bitch, let's fuck".

    The second approach works more often.


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  • It's not different? Some outgoing guys value commitment along with sex. Some outgoing guys don't.
    Same thing goes for shy men.


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  • Outgoing and confident is considered better, whether it's a date for sex, or for a relationship people will always say go with the outgoing guy

  • Both can be freaks haha


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