HELP! My girlfriend and I just had an argument and she said she thought about slitting her wrists. What should I do?


So my girlfriend is super stressed out from work. Which she legitimately is, she has every reason to be totally stressed. But tonight she came home and was being agitated by everything I did, to the point I called her out aggressively. She cursed me out claimed I never care about her, then told me I perceived everything incorrectly, and that she'll never be good enough for me and on and on on on... you get the point...

Finally she went into the bedroom came back out to yell at me more and (when she got home originally she threw mail at me) she denied throwing the mail at me and threatened that if she wanted to throw something I would know cause I'd be bleeding. Then she said before I CAME OUT OF THE BEDROOM I THOUGHT ABOUT SLITTING MY WRISTS... umm wth!!! What should I do? She has depression problems but she has never said anything like this and she meant it. She was screaming it. She's currently sleeping I love her and want to help what do I do?


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  • Try not to argue about things and actually sit down and talk with her, see what's going on and comfort her


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  • Try to convince her to gwt therapy, be emotionally supportive. If she refuses to get help then leave her

  • Maybe spend more time with her, take her on romantic dates and such.


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