I found she is jealous of me?

My younger sister is jealous of me and my older sister. Why? i have no clue, but i am so angry right now, i never really saw it, but she gossiped about us a lot behind our backs. I've wasted so much time on he i literally fell into a depression because of her jealousy... she hates the fact hat we are more social, get more attention from people and that we are warm and caringtwards others, she is very cold and closed but i feel like why get jealous? go get it yourself, I regret so much of spending time with her and losing my relationship with m older sister and a lot of friends because of her


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  • I'd pay to get her some counseling. She needs help or this behavior will extend outside the family and she'll always be alone.


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  • Try including her within your groups.. maybe she feels invisible and left out. That's were the jealousy comes from

    • if we try she gives this vibe of dont mess with me

    • Well keep trying regardless of her vibe.. if she declines then that's just something she has to fix herself

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