I think I like my best friends crush <3?

I haven't liked any of my friends crushes but he, he is special. He was willing to do things other people wouldn't do with me, he told me I wasn't ugly or fat at my worst times. He says he enjoys my company and he is literally the funniest and sweetest. He literally is the only guy friend besides this other one who sends me a heart emoji (you can't just send a heart emoji). He doesn't want to date anyone yet until he's maybe older maybe when we are 19 (were 16).
When I said he doesn't want to date anyone is when I questioned him about other girls


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  • A non commutative love triangle :D


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  • Is she going to do anything about her crush? Maybe if she's gonna sit around, you can tell her how you feel? I always follow "sisters before misters", but it sounds like you and Him would make a cute couple and that he likes you ❤


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