I don't know what to tell him?

My boyfriend went to a house party this weekend (which I didn't know about) and he told me he hasn't smoked weed in over a year or two. But the weekend my one friend said that he saw my boyfriend and saw that he was really drunk but that he also seemed really high. My boyfriend then told my friend 'please don't tell my girlfriend about tonight' so I don't know how to ask my boyfriend if he was smoking without rating out my friend who told me...
Please I really need help!!


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What Guys Said 2

  • If he didn't make any stupid decisions just let it go. He was probably stressed and needed to unwind. Just let him do him. Don't be the stereotypical girlfriend who controls their boyfriend. You will end up driving him into the arms of another woman.

  • once casually ask him that u want to smoke weed and heard of it a lot... he will give u company and express himself more


What Girls Said 1

  • tell him that someone told you about it (who said your friend was the only one who saw him drunk at that party uh? ;) )
    or tell him his behaviour when he got back home that day made you think so


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