Why would friends with benefits ask if I knew I could be myself around him?

Asked before, only got two responses that didn't exactly clear things up. friends with benefits and I hadn't seen each other in a while, he came over because he "just wanted to see me" according to him and started to ask in depth questions about my personal life, started to talk about his job (neither of these are a usual topic), was generally more affectionate than usual and kept asking for hugs. Then asked if I knew I could just be myself around him. That confused me. Help.

Maybe I should have mentioned we didn't have sex. He just wanted to talk and cuddle.


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  • with friends with benefits, anything goes really... he's your friend as well so he Can ask about your personal life.
    friends with benefits is a relationship without a relationship... would you prefer if he just ignored you till it was "benefits" time?

    • ... then thats not friends with benefits then...
      i do that with my regular friends lol... we all just huddle up on a couch and cuddle.

    • That's part of the reason I posted the question. We usually have sex, so just wanting to talk and cuddle is out of character.

    • maybe he's getting some elsewhere... it happens... but he still likes you...

      (or might be putting you on the hook)

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  • he's looking to progress past the just friends with benefits stage and tip toe into a possible relationship. He likes you and wants to know more than just how you moan during the horizontal mambo


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  • He exploits his position. You should have said you were busy from the moment he said "he just needed to see you". Downhill from there.

    • What do you mean by downhill?

  • i think some girls put on a front around guys they're like to make themselves look better personality wise or sound more mature he just wants u to be urself


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