Girls 18-24 only please, if a young guy lost his hair on top and had to shave what was left off, could you still find him attractive enough to date?

Lost mine to a shock type deal when my father died, I'm only 21, and while many say I pull of f shaved very well there's still that damned shadow beneath the skin that lightly shows the dreaded 'old guy' pattern as its follicles left under the skin on the sides. Again many say I pull off no hair and here's a link to a 'rate me' I posted

So I just worry as you can tell from the shadow I shaved my head because I lost hair, still on the other hand girls have said I look great with no hair but I admit I got high standards on girls looks myself so I worry as those girls have their pick of guy.

anyway please be honest if you could still find a guy with no hair attractive enough to date or if it's a deal breaker for you.
  • I'm over 24/or a guy
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  • I don't mind a guy not having hair at all it wouldn't bug me he can still look very attractive even this young, I could date a bald guy
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  • Honestly if a young guy had no hair/or I could see the shadow that he lost it I would be uninterested in him sorry, I'd probably hold out for a guy with hair so young
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  • To me no hair is a total dealbreaker
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