Males perspective especially helpful here-He's just not that into me?

im 23 and the guy I've been talking to is 29. I've been talking to this guy for shy of a month before meeting up with him. We had an amazing first date but because of our timetables it took awhile for us to get a second date which ended up being 3 weeks after the first. The second date was nearly cancelled because I had a friends birthday to go to so I moved it to a Friday but it meant we met up straight after work and I was pretty tired. The date was not as exciting as it was the first but we were a lot more intimate like we kissed a lot and I went back to his because it was raining because there was hardly any bars open- he didn't try anything at all.

At the end of the date before he drove me back to mine he was very attentive and I leaned in for a kiss before I left his car. During the date he asked whether I was up to meet up on Sunday nothing concrete was made but the idea was there. The next day I was busy I didn't have time to text but I messaged him close to midnight and he didn't reply or read the message. I messaged at lunch time the next day which would have been the day we potentially have lunch and he didn't reply and I messaged stupidly again yesterday with a song I thought he'd like and he didn't reply or read any of the messages. but I can see he's been online.

It's not like we message every single day but we can go a day or 2 not texting and that would be fine. while on the second date we didn't have ariveting conversation- When he dropped me off after the second date he said he would talk to me on the Saturday and he didn't. I thought he was interested in me because he said so throughout the second date but I'm worried because of how badly planned the second date was on my part he's not interested in me anymore despite the fact I felt there was chemistry physically at least despite being both tired. We didn't have sex just a lot of kissing.


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  • Maybe he didn't feel the chemistry. If he wants to be with you, he knows where you are. If he doesn't want to be with you. . . why would you want to be with him?


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  • He probably thought that you did it on purpose when you didn't reply to him the first time, so he acted that way in order to take revenge or something. That or he is not that into you anymore.


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  • Well sweetheart. If he wanted you, he'd be all over you. Period.

    • 😂 okey doke 3 is a charm. I wouldn't say I liked him but wanted to get to know him but it looks like he didn't. First date he was messaging me the minute I got in and the morning the next day. While on the second haven't heard from him in 3 days so I guess that says it all.

    • Even if he was playing some game, he would have gotten back to you on the 2nd text at noon... fuck it.

  • Sounds like he lost interest


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