Im going to an concert with a guy with some history, please read descriptions, what to do?

Hi, I tried to sum it up: so I have this guy which I dated a couple of months in the past but he had an ex who just stayed in his head. We took the dating pretty far, he said things like: I like you and he was really interested in me.. but eventually everything was fake according to him. He just didn't know what to do, everytime he was with me he thought of his ex, according to him i was the ideal girl for him and than suddenly he said that everything was fake.. i really liked him so i was kind of devastadedAfter that it went up and down, it was really hard for me to forget him so sometimes i would just sent him a message, he ignored me most of the time, we went from arguing to blocking to just talking normally eventually.. Now it has been 5months I think and he's finally back to the guy I used to know when I dated him. He doesn't ignore me anymore and just replies. The point is I tried SO hard to forget him en to not like him but the fact is i still do.. he broke me a couple of times, he hurted me, acted like a player but I knew that when he did that, he wasn't the person he's supposed to be.. he was very down during the time with his ex and when his grandpa died and I tried so much to cheer him up, maybe you guys think im stupid but Yes I just really like him... My question is, in 1 month im going to an concert with him, its a concert of ed sheeran. We were supposed to go with more but eventually they couldnt go so now im going alone with him.. Actually im really asking for advice... cause i really like him but there is quite a history between us. He even said back then: "I dont like you, you're just pretty.." but from friends I heard he did like me during that time.. Do you guys think you can get another shot even though so much has happened? They say love makes you blind, its really true, i would do anything just to cheer him up, thats maybe the reason why im going to ed sheeran, cause it cheers him up.. Kinda desperate here..😅


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  • How are you actually considering the possibility of being a relationship with someone who is such a fickle person? You already know that the whole thing will end in vain.

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