I don't know where my relationship is going... Please, help?

We have been together for 2 years. The honeymoon part didn't go that well as it happened to be 5 months after my ex - boyfried dumped me. It seemed like we had same interests, everything was going well, but I wanted to break up as I wasn't ready for a new romantic start. We never seriously broke up, and at some point it went ok, we were romantic and were constantly talking to each other. One day he just became cold and distant. I tried to talk about it, he said that nothing changed and everything is alright, but... he wasn't as caring as I wanted him to be. Time had passed, I asked whether he wants to break up if he doesn't enjoy this relationship anymore and again he said that everything was fine. For the last month, I end crying every night because I can sense he is not as close emotionally to me as we used to be, but he just reject this idea and asks me to calm down. I can't understand why he doesn't want just to be honest and say what he doesn't like about our relationship and what can be changed. On one hand, I want to break up, as I don't want to be the one who will get dumped as soon as he finds a girl matching his preferences completely. On the other, I understand that I may over exaggerate things... I can't see because I have a nature of loving people too much and it just blinds. St. Valentine's is coming, he avoided the celebration last year, as the year before my friends were joking about how sweet he is in a nice way, but it hurt him so much that he ended up asking me to give it back to him. Could you give an advice what can be done in the situation like that and what was your experience? Can I try him to open up to me again or it will be useless? Thank you. <3


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  • i hope he leaves you or maybe gets sex out of you. Women are not worth it anymore... just fuck em and leave em

    • Well, sad to hear that. It depends on what you want from others. If you want only sex - they yes, why fucking not. Some people are able to give and receive more than that.
      And what's the point of your comment, dude?

    • Fuck, women are supid... she didn't get the message... urgh... just leave it

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  • Pressuring him to talk will only make him go more distant.
    Not believing that he loves you will only make him retreat so just assume he likes you and act accordingly.
    Check relationship tests by a website called a new mode. They are very accurate and can help you pin point the situation and how to handle it.


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