Guys! should I wait until he texts me?

i don't meet a lot of guys that I'm attracted to. I'm only 21 and have come into a lot of jerks and assholes. and I'm at my wits end. I feel like am I not cute enough for some respect?

anyways I met this guy the other night we really hit it off I thought. I went up and talked to him at this bar, I was kinda drunk and I have so much confidence when I'm intoxicated. I was containing it quite a bit tho. he was a little tipsy himself. I don't meet guys at bars as I don't drink often but anyways I asked him to come to party after and he came. we talked all night.i asked him why he was still with me and he said I was funny and cool and pretty and than kissed me. he didn't try to touch any of my 'goods' and I was very impressed because he's a gentlemen.

anyways he had told me earlier in the night that he wanted to call me and at the end of the night I had to leave and he offered to give me some money for cab. I asked him if he wanted my number and he was so cute and said 'I'm calling you right now' . the thing is that my cell is messed at the moment and I kind of mumbled for him to leave a message if he wanted to get a hold of me... anyways I don't know if he's messaged me or anything.. he messaged my friend to see if I got home OK. should I text him? I can't stop thinking about him. I'm not usually like this over guys because I never meet one I'm very much attracted to.

do you think he liked me?


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  • Yes, he likes you.


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