Okay so this guy has a girlfriend he is emotionally detached from but he feel like he can't break up with her for fear she has no friends what to do?

he has told her they would stay friends after but she doesn't believe him but he has no feeling for her she tears him down and makes him feel ugly and unappreciated. and he is actually into someone else that he has liked for years. and has told his feelings to the girl. Who is mutual but is going to move on if he can't grow a pair. I am friends with both parties and im really just not sure what to tell either one.

Update my roomate is really good friends with the the guys girlfriend and has bbeen told she plans on breaking up with him and just toying with his emotions.


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  • I think that you should tell him that he needs to know what his heart wants. Yes, being nice is always good, but if you aren't getting your end in the bargain, then you will only hurt. He already is from his girlfriend and he is in love with a girl who could possibly be better than her and give him a better time and love than his current girlfriend has. I think that you should tell him that he needs to know that if he wants happiness he has to choose and stick with it. He should make a choice that he knows is good for his well being, mind and body, and that he won't regret later. That is important, as if he regrets he may never be able to make the choice he is able to now later. I hope this helps :)

  • If he's not really in it, he isn't doing her a favor by hanging around. It won't get easier over time


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