I don't understand? He said Shrek isn't as beautiful as me? Read the description?

Ok, I've been secretly liking my guy friend and we were talking about shrek. He said that shrek wasn't as beautiful as me and started chuckling but not laughing really hard... i thought he was being serious for a second and felt weird and blushing. Then I said "no shrek is more prettier" and then he said it again and Now i thought he was comparing me to shrek and that Im ugly. Guys and girls... what did he really mean? Also if this helps, we talk a lot and kind of flirt. I touch his head/hair and he doesn't seem to mind as much as long as I don't do it a lot. We really get along.


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  • he's trying to subtly give you a compliment to see how you react to it

  • im so confused why the comparison is between shrek and a girl 0_0 haha


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