Meeting parents?

I'm just wondering, my crush is coming over to my house and I thought about having him meet my parent. Is there something that I can do to make it less awkward for him?


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  • not really. but it's a good idea for him to meet them anyway.
    the only way to minimize awkwardness is if you all go somewhere. Movie event store, etc. but either way there will be some awkwardness. best to get past the awkward phase lol

  • I wouldn't do that unless you are official

    • So you think it's okay to be at someone's house and not have met their parents? Wouldn't it be weird if he meets them in the hallway

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    • Then introduce him as a friend. Does the guy even know that you're his Crush?

    • He knows because, we are both into each other.

  • Nope, i like meeting my SO parents


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