How do I get over a guy once and for all?

I've known this guy for 7 months and he has yet to make anything official. I'm always the one bringing him food and chilling with him. All I asked of him was to take me out on a dinner date, but I'm at the point where I don't think that will happen for whatever reason. How do I get over him? It's not easy because my head is telling me one thing and my heart is telling me another. It's hard for me to not text him or look at his photos and I know I should just toughen up, but it's difficult. How do I get to the point where I don't think of him anymore?


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  • Focus on other aspects of your life, but there's always sadness when moving on from a relationship, cause all the happy memories and everything, so you do let the sadness run its course, and then it'll be ok, in the meantime don't let yourself go, continue working on yourself and trying to be happy, you can find happiness in hanging out with family and friends, helping others etc


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  • It's not that easy, unfortunately forgetting the things we want is not as easy as forgetting the things we need.

    What you need to do is block/delete his number and any other forms of communication. You'll go through a stage of "I regret doing this!" But at this point it's what's keeping you from ending this.

    If you're the only one putting effort in, bringing food, hanging out and not once as he done it for you, you need to understand that what he means to you is not what you mean to him. It's hard to hear and accept but anyone who cares for you wouldn't keep it a one way street.

    Do you think he's sitting at home torn about how to get over you? No. Because if he was you wouldn't be asking this, you'd be together.

    My belief as to why getting over these kinds of relationship oppose to metal relationships is because we always want what we can't have. He hasn't given you the type of relationship you want and more than anything, that want to have that from him is what's keeping you attached.

    You deserve someone who makes you food, calls you, makes an effort and shows you what you show them. Don't waste your time on someone who feeds off your emotion. Do what's right for you for once and delete everything, move on and do things that make you happy. You'll find someone who deserves you.

    Take care. xoxo

  • Well, one good way is to think of him fucking your best friend. How bout that?


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