Would it had made a difference?

Well I fell for this guy at work and we were talking all day at work and hanging out after work sometimes. He would take his lunch at my break time so we could see each other. He found out I liked him and we went on a date. He didn't say he liked me but he was open to get to know me. After our date I said I wanted to get to know him by being friends to reduce the pressure. We spent a month hanging out. We even linked arms a couple times which I am not sure if he liked or not. He seems surprised at first but didn't pull away. Then I asked his roommate if he would talk to him about me. And I vented to his roommate about him a little bit (huge mistake) and then he didn't talk to me for two months. We are talking now but he's distant and we don't spend break together anymore.

Do you think if I would have kissed him his interest in getting to know me would have shifted to his interest in dating me?

He said once that making out in front of a single person is like eating a hamburger in front of a starving person :) he also said on outdates he didn't want to do anything that would make other uncomfortable.



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  • should never tell a guy you like and want to date that you just want to be friends... he will most likely believe you. that sent mixed signals.

    basically because he can't read what you really want you have to take the initiative (if he ever speaks with u in person again) to move things out of friend zone. but yeah, you can escape this next time by simply staying dating.

    • Thank you :) well he didn't like me yet and it seemed really obvious and I guess I didn't want to go on dates until he liked me. I told him that when his feelings change he could ask me out

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