How do I date my gal back into my life after 27 years with her?

So, 27 years of rough life, we weren't good to each other, but we are good for each other. She left three months ago after 27 years, and says the only way back is to date and see if the flame comes back.

So, in the past, I talked a good game during breakups with her and got her back, but I failed to deliver once it was done. I've gotten myself schooled in how to love, I learned where I made my mistakes in our relationship. I just need to convey this going forward, and let her know that I've really got the goods this time around.

We got together when we were 17/19, we never dated, it just happened, and it stuck. So, the question is now, how can I date her, make it known that I'm on my A-game with my new skills, and win her heat back?

I'm 44, and have NEVER dated. HEEEEELP!


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  • Romance must always fade. It can't last forever. Real love only has one condition "we treat eachother as equals". Any more conditions that that and it isn't love

    • Well man, I made many mistakes, and if she's willing to take another chance on me, I've gotta go for it, all guns blazing. The fire is there still or she's be gone like last week's paycheck. I've just gotta pour gas on it... But I also agree, wanting romance this far down the road, isn't totally unreasonable, but it shouldn't be at the forefront of needs either. I have supported her for years while she didn't work. I had hoped that was enough to show her I care.

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    • This is also true. She expected me to not resent her unemployment, while I busted my hump for 50 hours a week, ten hours of commuting, then she complained about me going fishing with my buddy every week. Anyhow, amnesty is key for the past. I want her back, and it's that simple. So many years, I can't piss that away. And I don't believe she can either.

    • I know it has to be hard man but it may be in your and her best interest both to let it go.

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