How do I lose these feelings for him?

We were good friends. People thought we were a thing, and still do. He moved away 4 months ago. And people keep on bringing up his name. It annoys me so much! I always tell them I don't want him to come back.
I realized the week he told me he was moving, that I've caught some feelings for him. I don't want him to come back because, I'm scared of these feelings. He have a girlfriend, well "a thing", that's what he calls their relationship. I just don't want anything to do with him.
How do I lose these feelings?


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  • 4 months ago? you still have feelings? Wow you need to start dating and fast !

    • Actually since December.
      I don't date much. And I have no time to go out, especially because all my friends are taken so I have no one to go with. And if we do go, they only want to go to gay clubs.

    • You have no time to go out? That sounds sad.. life is way too short.

    • It is sad. My schedule is literally:
      4a-5:10a : gym
      5:30a-4p: work
      Drive home 1hr
      5p: cook
      8p: Sleep
      Well I guess I do have weekends, but ehhhhhh

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