Feeling Lost and Hurt, How to stop feelings?

I have strong feelings for her.

I feel hurt and lost.

I saw her cuddled with a guy and she is going on a Valentines day trip...

It sucks, In my eyes she is the best girl in the world... Perfect... Smart, funny, attractive, hardworking, caring, kinda down to earth, a bit shy but extroverted too...

I wish that either my feelings would stop for her... It hurts thinking about her with someone else... I wish I would know something that would stop me from having feelings.

Or I wish she would open up to me...

I wish I was the one taking her out on trips, dates, Valentines day, and she would hug me and tells me she loves me and talk to me about her day/life...

It's been an awkward, messy, tense, situation that has gotten to a point where she won't open up to me and wants to ignore feelings... Just have small talk, pretending things are okay.
How do I stop feeling?


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  • Where is she going for V-day?

    • I don't know, she is busy and going on a trip that weekend...

      Maybe her boyfriend is taking her, and she will tell him how much she loves him... cuddle, spend time together, have sex...


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    • Are you planning on quitting your job? I thought you wanted some type of relationship with her? So you just want closure only? I just want to understand.

    • No plans, but I would like a better job... I don't like my job, but I'm stuck...

      I have never been so unsure of how I feel and what I want in my life...

      I know she's dating other guys, we aren't compatible, I have to not be needy, and I am unsure how good of a person she is... I have doubts and don't feel the same way as I did before...

      On the flip side, I'm so hurt when I see her with other guys, laughing with other coworkers, seeing her beautiful face, wanting to be a part of her life...

      I don't see us being together, unless she confesses and it was a huge misunderstanding...

      So I guess I either want closure, find out what really happened... Did she like me? Did she have no clue? Did she like my attention? Was she just being a friend?


      Something that makes me not want her anymore, physically or personality wise... shaving her head or I don't know.

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  • Does she know you like her?

    • I think so... but not 100% sure

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    • I messed up so much, I feel like such a loser, I want to go back in time and try again

    • We all feel like that about certain things, but time travel isn't possible. Mistakes are painful for a long time, but we can get through them, and once we do they only make us stronger.

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