How to tell if she's into you?

So I've been talking to a girl that I had met at the gym that I go to. Ironically she is a personal trainer there at the gym. We have been hanging out quite a few times and we are getting to know eachother. It's been almost a month since her and I have been talking and somehow it feels different (in my perspective atleast). When we first started talking she was a lot more descriptive and lively. She does have two children and goes to school and works. So she does have a busy life and I completely understand that she is busy. she's 23 and im 20 however I accepted the fact that she had kids and I am still feeling her even though. But when she texts me is a different story. I know she doesn't have all the time in the world to talk to me as she would like but when she does its like I feel like Im bothering her. She doesn't text me first and most of the time I text her first. Wen we are together in person its a totally different story (unless it feels like it is to me). I hadn't really spoken to her at all since the weekend because she had went out with her friends and I let her be to respect her space and not bother her. However we had planned last week when we hung out that we would have hung out today. I didn't remind her because Im sure she knows, but when i asked her if she was still available she told me she was busy with work and stuff and she didn't know that there was anything planned for today. I feel like I should at least ask her if she is at all interested me as I am in her so that way there isn't anything left unsaid and ignored. Is that a right thing?


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  • I believe you should ask... that gives her the opportunity to be frank and upfront about how she feels towards you

    • That sounds like a good idea. I've been told to just let it be and let her come and talk to me that she isn't thinking of me if she isn't texting me first. I dont like the mind game things i just want to be straight forward so i agree with you

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    • Sure thing, thank you!

    • You're welcome

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  • I'm usually a straight forward guy. There's nothing wrong with getting it out there and clearing things up. worst case scenario - you guys remain friends.

    Be polite even if you get rejected;)

    • That sounds great. I like the positivity and thats something i should keep in mind. Thank you!

    • You got it bro. you're a handsome dude. If she isn't into you in that way, keep it friendly and move on. she sounds like she has a busy lite and Maybe doesn't want to complicate things.

    • Thanks bro I appreciate the compliment I really do. But thats true she does have a busy life. I just would like to know what she really feels you know. So im waiting for her to let me know

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