Is my new Boyfriend possessive?

He says he needs me to simply be. He repeatedly says he needs me every time we get together. When I'm going to the restroom at his place he says I miss u already hurry up back. I told him I was going to the movies with my sister (that he hasn't met yet) and he said he wanted to take us both and my sister and I could go see our movie while he went to see another movie at the theater. And he goes on to say that's how much I want to be with you. He says he thinks about me all day and can't get any good sleep without me sleeping beside him. We see each other every weekday because we work together and He wants me to spend the night every weekend so I do. One weekend I couldn't spend a day with him to take care of errands and the next day we got together he said I haven't seen u in 24 hours. I don't want that to happen again. He's sent me one text with I love you written out ten times. I made plans for a girls night that didn't work out and he said he wants me all to his self and he felt like the plans weren't gonna work out anyway. He says he's worried about me when I'm not with him like am I ok or is anyone hurting me or if I have food to eat.. I wanted a nice guy so maybe I'm overreacting but are any of these early signs of a possessive boyfriend? We are 10 years apart in age. I'm 22 He's 32. We've been official for almost 2 months.


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  • This sounds bad. I don't think that he is necessarily possessive. I also don't get the impression that he is a bad guy. Yet things seem slightly off. How long have you been dating for? If it is early in the relationship, I wouldn't worry about things since he might just be head over heels in love with you. IF it has been I while I would be concerned. Also, test him and ask him if he loves you? That should give you a decent indicator in how he feels.

    • We've been together almost 2 months. I always thought that was too soon to say I love you. This seems nice for teenage love but he's 33 so I don't know.

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    • I don't think anyone can be sure that soon so it seems like desperation and a bit delusional but he says it's love at first sight

    • Hmmm. Well I guess I would be cautious. If you ever feel even remotely scared or overly pressured by him, pull out. I think you said he is at your work so that could be difficult though

  • This is very strange behavior for a guy his age. Obviously, he can't get along with women and tries to be with someone he can dominate because of the generational difference between 22 and 32.

    He's ver insecure about you meeting someone your own age, so he follows you around and doesn't even want you out with the girls! Nor does he let you breathe.

    He's beyond clingy, he's obsessive.

    Get your running shoes on and run as fast as you can in the other direction.

    • Come to think about it he has looked right at me and said he is obsessed with me more than once but he said it's a healthy obsession. I thought he was joking but maybe not. I wonder how I can ease my way out of this situation without a bad reaction from him?

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  • Hell yes he's possessive.

    • How can I be sure this behavior isn't normal? Something in me says all the signs are there but something says he's just being sweet. He has gotten a BIT aggressive with me before though but I have overlooked.

    • Don't overlook them and don't make excuses, this is how controlling and manipulative behaviour starts and you need to listen to your instincts that say something isn't right, which is why you asked the question.

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