Social Media and Guys?

When I was first getting to know the guy I'm interested in, we followed each other on Instagram and Facebook, and we would like each other's posts on both. Recently, I've come forward about my feelings for him, and we've been texting back and forth, flirting and a bit of sexual stuff too. We've hung out a little bit in person as well. The only thing that kind of concerns me is that ever since we started flirting and stuff, he stopped liking my posts on Instagram and Facebook, and yet he likes and tags his friends who are girls all the time on both (a lot of his friends are female which doesn't bother me). Should this concern me? Why doesn't he like my posts anymore?
Edit: it may be important to know that the last time he liked one of my posts on Facebook was also one of the last times I liked one of his back in a December. As for Instagram, I only recently liked one of his posts after not liking for a while, but he hasn't liked one of mine since December.


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  • Some electronic texting is NOT a relationship. You really don't get this?

    • I'm not under the impression that we are in a relationship and I never stated we were... I know we are just getting to know each other, I'm wondering why in the process he stopped liking my stuff on social media... that was my only question?

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