Does he like me more than a friend?

I ve been friends with this guy for four years now. We dated briefly in the beginning but we transitioned back to friends, he wanted too. As the past year went we became closer and has been my rock since my father passed. He says he's always there for me and would do anything for me.

Recently, I needed someone to pick up my little sister since no one in my family could and he did it with no hesitation. I can't tell if he's doing it as a friend or if he feels something more, because a few months back I got highly intoxicated with some girlfriends and he picked us all up and dropped us off, mind you it was 3A. We flirt, the connection is there, but I m not sure where this is going. Given, he has a helpful personality in general and would give the shirt off his back to anyone if the situation arised.


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  • So... lets get this right... you have a "keeper" man... but you are still trying to be a bitch female and not act on it?
    he went out of his way FOR YOU... darling... and you like him TOO..
    really? is this too hard to read?
    if you dont believe me, keep fronting, and this man that likes you so much is gonna turn around and start hating you... I've got $20 down on that... test it

    • Savage... and correct.

    • @HotDogg i know, i know :( i still gotta work on my delivery... it just irritates me when the answer is so obvious. Poor guy is probably frustrated, and eventually will think she isn't interested and leave her butt alone.. then she is gonna get mad and wonder why...

      Im also mad at the fact that its easy to see it when its happening to someone else but when it happens to you, you are most likely gonna act the same way she is, lol... doubting.

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