My Ex wants to stay friendd but likes that I'm pursuing her still?

Ok my ex broke up with me cause of religious reasons and we had sex I was a virgin blah blah she wasn't she felt like she wasn't living right or that I not religious enough for her and that she still thinks about her Ex from time to time blah blah we dated for 9 months and it. She doesn't stay friends with her exboyfriends she only had two counting me. But she decided to stay friends with me 2 weeks after the break up we hangout for the first time at her place and we ended up kissing and having Sex. The next weekend we end up doing the same thing again she lives 1hour away from me at college in her apartment. She told me she doesn't want a relationship and stuff and wants to stay friends she knows that I love her and want to marry her one day and I will continue purse her. When we were having sex and she was on top of me making out she was asking me what are we. What are we doing this isn't what friends do and I told her be my girlfriend then be my girl and she said you remember what I said but I do like thaynyour pursing me. She told me before that she is a confused girl and doesn't know what she wants. I'm not sure what to do anymore. Tomorrow I'm going to her place again after I visit my friend who goes to same school. We are gonna play games and watch a movie. We text and talk on the phone and FaceTime 24/7 we basically act like a couple without the title


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  • Your ex sounds mean. Move on like a man.


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