Dating a pregnant girl?

OK, I met this amazing girl! she's great and everything and we started hitting it off...then I discovered a catch...she's pregnant (she hasn't begun to show yet) from her ex-bf...he wanted her to have an abortion..she was thinking about it but we talked about it and I told her that she should just put it up for adoption if she doesn't want to raise it, she eventually agreed and decided she could never abort it. We're really good friends and I definitely think were falling for each other, its really obvious. But she hasn't decided if she's comfortable giving it up. I mean I think she's great but I'm a college student and work nearly full time...I don't have the time or resources to help raise a child...and I can't date her but ignore her child...what should I do? I love children and was happy she chose life for her baby but at this stage in my life this just isn't in my plan..and I'm afraid of being being seen with her in public and people thinking its my kid after its born.


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  • NOOOOOO! Pregnant chicks are hormonal so you won't know if she really likes you or if she just needs a surrogate father for her children. Step back and think this out. Give yourself 3 days of thinking about this, and don't talk to her. Just meditate on this. After three days, when your emotions aren't running high and you have a clear head, then decide if you really want to run this.


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  • Have you ever seen my name is earl? best way for me to explain what I'm tryna say

  • seems like a lot of baggage. A child is a HUUUUGE deal. I'm sure you could find someone who is with you when it comes to amount of responsibility. You don't want this now. Trust me.