boyfriend ALWAYS stares at me, its creepy how often he does it. Makes me uncomfortable. He's also slightly suffocating in the relationship. Wth is going on?

Like I'll fall asleep and wake up randomly and I'll catch him just staring at me or if we go out to eat, he'll just stare, and I mean watch me intensely and when I catch him, he'll try to stare deep in my eyes. I don't know. Its creepy. I was in a super abusive relationship and have told him many times that I don't mind if he's looking at me if we're having a conversation but it's unsettling how he'll just sit there, watching me. We've gotten into arguments over this. Can someone explain wtf is going on? Why does he stare at me all the time and why doesn't he get it that I frigging hate it.


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  • Why would a boyfriend stare at his sleeping gf?

    • Right? It's frigging creepy.

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    • Because every time I become physically attracted to him, hell do the staring thing or be overly sensitive and clingy. Which are not very appealing to me. I never have sex just have sex. Ummm, if it''s not too hairy. Like, if a person can comb through your body hair, not including the hair from your scalp or beard, then it's too much. Not sexy. But, that's just me.

    • Hairy Nev Schumann chest?

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  • He's probably a little messed up himself. Abuse victims tend to compartmentalize their trauma, and often it's not fully resolved. And just as often in attempt to work out those suppressed feelings, you'll subconsciously seek out someone very similar in attempt to recreate the situation to finally fishish dealing with it.

    • Hmm, he has told me that he had a weird childhood. But I still don't get the staring. I completely understand finding someone who has a similar past but why stare. Like it's super creepy how he'll do it.

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    • Sweetie, it was already a huge turn off! Enough that you were worried and came here for advice! Trust your gut.

    • :) True. He's said many times that I'm the one, wants me to move in. He's a great guy, really. Just this frigging staring problem. Not sure how to go forward.

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