Girls, would you go on another date with someone like me?

Say we've been on a couple of dates, and everything is going well.

I start to open up about myself on the third date, with some things that could prevent anything working out. You find out that:

- I'm a virgin, and I'm waiting until marriage. But intimacy would still exist.
- I'm a churchy person but every few weeks will I go..
- I'll try my hardest not to shove it all in your face, but I might ask you if you want to come around once a year? If not, I won't be fussed.
- Kids = yes, would need to be baptised.
- Marriage = in my church, but we can do another ceremony somewhere else if you like!
- My cultural practices e. g. sacrificing goats (I'M KIDDING) would need to be somewhat adhered to, but if you're also cultural we can mix them together.

Would you still give me a chance after all this has been discussed? It's difficult, especially if you're not the same background as me.
But it can work. Pwomise 🙁


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  • all of that won't matter if a girl really likes you

    • I hope it won't.. haha

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