How do you use the feeling of having butterflies in your stomach to judge whether you should keep or stop pursuing someone?

How does everybody interpret butterflies? I've been dating lately and don't know exactly what it means. Does it mean infatuation or physical attraction? Emotional attraction or just plain chemistry? Is it a sign things are going to fast and might need to be slowed down? What if you feel no butterflies or not enough butterflies on the first date? For me that's when I end things or turn a guy down. Is it bad to think like that? I read that butterflies can be a sign of anxiety but for me it definitely moreso feels like excitement and connection... so, how do you interpret your butterflies?


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  • Great question. To be honest with you, I don't know.

    Here are some keywords: mind, intuition, gut feeling, aura, spiritual knowing

    Since we are talking about intangible aspects of self, we have to factor in spiritual aspects that guide us which include our mind and intuition. Everyone has that gut feeling when something good or bad will happen. I think the most important part is that when you are having these so-called "butterflies," to check with your internal emotional center to see whether you are feeling GOOD or BAD.

    I think the most important thing is to close your eyes and see where the trail leads you regarding your issue.

    Question: Should I pursue this person?

    Option A.) You feel good
    When you feel good then you know that this is someone that you WANT. Since you feel good you will continue to get MORE GOOD from this thought pattern.

    In this case, I would advise that if you have butterflies in stomach accompanied by GOOD FEELINGS to pursue.

    Option B.) You feel bad
    This means that this is NOT in tune with your true self. If you envision it in your mind and you feel bad then this is your internal emotional system telling you that this is something that you do NOT want.

    So use both your mind and your heart. Hope this helps.

    • There is also an Option C.) Which is to use the thesis from Option B, and figure out why you feel bad and taking the negative and turning into a positive, and letting the universe change your future, but thats for a whole other discussion.

    • thanks for your thoughtful reply :)

    • You get what you give, so pleasure is mine.

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  • I like the butterflies but that's not something I give importance too.

    If it comes, it's there; otherwise no big deal.

    For me, it's not often that I get those in my tummy.

    I would pursue someone based on other things though sometimes butterflies do happen but not always or frequently.


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  • I simply interpret it as a positive sign without trying to acribe any more particular meaning.

  • I think it just means you excited or anxious about this person for some reason. Many times it's just my 2nd brain telling me to run the other way as something doesn't add up.

  • When I don't get butterflies, I take it as I'm not attracted. When I get a ton of butterflies, I'm attracted in all aspects for the girl.


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