Dating an older girl?

So I've always primed myself on dating girls my age or younger. Sure, I've messed around with older girls, but they never seem to go anywhere.

Now I'm feeling this girl who I only met once at a party. She recently liked a status on Facebook and I ended up adding her.

One of my friends is having a party and she's going. I don't know what I should do...


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  • how much older. I don't think you should be dating an 85 year old, but you can dance with her.

    I'm obivously joking..

    talk to her, older girls can be awsome.

    • lol she's only a year older. Yea it not much a difference but this is different than I'm used to fr

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  • Talk to her during the party and start to bond with her. Do you have things in common?


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