Is he interested?

Had a date 2 weeks ago. He seemed interested but he he didn't write a message after the date.. and he ignored my messages. His excuse was he is busy. Good after 1 week i wrote again and he said i was not interested in him. I was 😡 and told him and he said he interested. He said we should meet again.
But he doesn't write a lot and read my message ans no reply. For me that shows no interest



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  • sounds like he may actually be busy. I'm a very busy person. I've had girls I liked and not replied to them for a long time.
    so don't judge be reply time judge by you two going on dates and enjoying. if you can't seem to get on another date then he's not interested. but if you're texting just to talk and talk and talk through text and he doesn't respond or responds late, he may still like you but he's just busy.
    try focusing your text to a goal (like a date or meeting up). holding a never-ending convo over text is a bit of a bane when you're super busy.

    • But he is not busy enough to read my messages

    • I've read messages with the intent to reply when I have time. so don't just go by that alone. :)
      give it 3 days. if you both aren't texting to set up another date by then, it may be time to move on.

      also remember to get guys to meet your fam and friends (group events family outings, conveniently 'coincidental' meetings) his reactions around them and to the prospect of meeting them will help you know what type of guy he is. it will also give you many minds evaluating him who can tell you their opinions and if he's there for a relationship or only sex.

  • I think he may either actually be busy or he is trying to get you to like him more ;)


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think he's as interested as he wants you to believe. Actions speak louder than words.


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