Reaction meaning 😱?

I told a guy at church that I liked him because he kept asking me why I get so nervous around him. We've hungout a lot prior to the night I told him how I felt. But he hasn't respoken to me. The last time we hung out, he held my hand and was hugging me a lot so I'm not quite sure what to think.
We hung out again yesterday, and were holding hands (again) and holding each other; he's putting off some really weird vibes, I can't figure it out...


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  • if he likes you he'll come back around. just make yourself available to talk. and don't act awkward around him as if begging or expecting him to say he likes you.
    be confident. also since you two have already hung out you can approach and just talk to him. if he quickly excuses himself or isn't wanting to talk it means he was happy with the hugging and body contact but didn't want a relationship. in which case you need to leave him alone.
    remember Church is like a spiritual hospital. don't assume everyone is healthy. it's made for sick people. in the same way he may not be a good guy.
    if he is and he likes you he will come back around. don't worry yourself over it.

    • hard to help if you put updates but don't reply lol :)

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    • They like him; but they're leaving it up to me to make a decision

    • ah ok. you and he need to talk then. if he won't initiate (or when he talks it's about anything but your possible relationship) you may want to bring it up. since you already know each other you can do that.

      does your fam have the guy-asks-father's-permission rule?

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  • You 2 are soon going to be doing more than holding hands...

    Go for it and enjoy!


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