The kind of women that should be avoided for marriage, true or false?

It is often discussed on this site and even in real life usually amongst friends that certain girls should be avoided and never taken as wives for a variety of reasons.

and of course these girls hate that they are talked about like that and some other guys/girls also try to protect them and claim its all stereotyping and is false.

Things such as , having tattooes, cheating before, being loud and obnixous, having an attitude, sleeping around/with lots of guys, wearing skimpy outfits and showing lots of skin with no considerations, having a lifestyle that demands much more money than the average person, being super flity with other guys, comes from a bad background, and girls who refuse to do anything a traditional woman does and would rather starve than cook.

Stastistics dont exist about the majority of these qualities but based on my what i observe girls around me doing, single, married and divorced ones, the girls with the qualities listed above are usually the ones getting a divorce, cheating, fighting often with their husbands and in short makes the guy wish he never got married in the first place ( that is if he doesn't go broke before that) .

As i said these are my own observations, and i find girls with these qualities to certainly be much more riskier as gfs/wives, so what about you? what do you think?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Some of them are but you are describing things from a very conservative perspective. All those things matter, but you know what you're saying is that showing too much skin doesn't conform with your idea of modesty and you would like partner with the same value, which is reasonable.
    However other men might think their wife feeling like she has to conform to an artificial idea of modesty doesn't fit into their idea of liberty

    So yes those things matter but I think putting in absolute terms like you did is wrong for sure

    • well of course different people have different standards, these are mine and girls that fit my standard and few and far inbetween , me personally i feel that wearing really short clothes after a certain age and at the wrong places means the girl has no self respect and she craves the attention of men , i mean if you're going to the beach, on vcation , at home, at a party.. etc its cool no one cares but if you're going to grocery store, to pay some bills, or just walking around your town in super short clothes that says things about you.

    • Well you didn't ask about you you asked should those women be avoided and the answer is clearly no.
      You even implied that if a girl is like you described marriage is gonna end in divorce and that it's her fault enitrley for being like that. Actually you did more than imply it, you pretty much said it. Which I think is very entitled and downright hateful even

    • well yeah thats the entire point of this question, girls like that are not marriage material and they make shitty partners , that is kinda obvious i dont even need to point it out and i also mentioned people like you, who either posses the qualities listed above or they just find a need to protect them for the fun of it, i covered pretty much everything, and at this point what people say really doesn't affect me, cause the women like that around me are a solid proof that some girls are not meant to be wifed.

Most Helpful Guy

  • its better to stay single rather than dating/marrying the wrong person (applies to both genders).

    • I agree and sometimes a logical desicion must be made

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What Girls Said 1

  • I get labelled as obnoxious even though I'm not obnoxious at all simply because I talk in a loud voice sometimes.

    • by obnixous i meant hte kind of woman who is always trying to be the loudest, always trying to win arguements by yelling, yells without caring if it will embarss her or no and always finds a reason to btchy and start a fight .

What Guys Said 4

  • While there are some traits in there that I don't really have problem with, if a woman has all the traits that you listed then I'd certainly avoid marrying her, yes.

  • I agree completely. There's a difference between a girl you fuck and a girl you marry

  • False, i avoid who i want to avoid,

    • well that is why we date who we want to date lol but regarding the qualities above what do you think?

  • I agree about those being red flags.


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