Is it understandable for someone to cut off contact with someone they have feelings for if they are already in a relationship and have a bf/gf?

Let's say you've known someone and you're attracted to them and they believe you're single and you guys even try planning dates but then Cut off contact because you don't want to cheat.

Will most people at least sympathize with you? What will people think, the other person included?


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  • I think it's understandable and I think it shows integrity by not cheating. Cheating would make me rethink the person

  • I wouldn't sympathize with someone who had the potential to cheat.


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  • Some people might argue that you have a connection with them and why would you be with the other person. If you are with someone and talking to them it might seem like you don't really want to be with the person you are "cheating" on. They might be mad at you for leading them to think you're single and still want to be with you and try to make you want to be with them. Some people would just cut their losses and move on. If the person that is being cheated on found out I'm sure they would be upset and even break up with the almost cheater.

    • Would you say the other guy would see that the girl who hid her boyfriend from him was into him? Will he talk bad about her behind her back if he found out without her ever telling him?

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    • No. It's still wrong.

    • Will they think you were just out to hurt them or something like that?

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