How can I make my girlfriend who is blind happy (long story short on what happened to her)?

Okay so we've been together for 6 years since high school and we are now in college and she underwent a surgery that risked losing her vision which she did but I promised I would stay with her no matter what happened. The truth is we are both lacking in happiness now. It's been a couple of months without her being able to see me and she says she misses me even though I see her everyday. We can't do what made us happy together anymore. We used to be really active. We do watch movies still but she says it's not the same thing. We do have sex and that pretty much stayed the same.

Sometimes, she cries and hugs me thinking that I'm going to leave her but I keep telling her I'm not. She knows I've been pretending to be happy when I'm not. The truth is that her becoming blind had a huge impact in our relationship. I'm not sure how I can make her happy anymore because most of the things we did require eye sight.


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  • What about music? You can't really see music, and it's possible to play instruments without seeing, it may just take more time to learn. Reading aloud or listening to recording of books, walking (in places that are less dangerous since she's probably not completely used to not having sight yet) show her that you can do things without sight and enjoy them. I've never met a blind person, but I've known people with other problems, and have problems myself and the major thing is that you have to learn that you can still do things without what you had before


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  • Damn, that's a hard one. For one, make sure she can feel that you still love her. Showing her anything is no longer an option. I guess there should be a lot more cuddling and kissing and overall physical contact. You can also try making new memories that doesn't require sight - help her learn braille. Listen to new music together. Help her learn where everything is around the house. Work out together. Maybe get her a trained dog. Help her get out and meet people. Friends, relatives, anyone. Right now she's quite literally in prison. Most importantly make sure she knows you love her. Things will get better. Don't give up. You're literally saving a life.


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