Will I ever meet the right one?

Here's the thing: I wouldn't consider myself to be the stereotypical nice guy. I am very selective when it comes to intimacy, friendship and loyalty. But once I'm loyal to someone, I'm the nicest person you've ever met. So what's the problem?

Back to the title.. I have a very crap experience with girls. I was bullied by some girls in high school, and my last relationship was uniquely abusive. Due to these traumatic experiences, I have come to be wary of trusting girls, despite the fact that I know some are really nice. To make a comparison: imagine being bitten by a dog when you were a child. Henceforth, you get reminded of that every time you see a dog, and will be afraid of them even years after the event.

To conclude this; I don't want to keep feeling like this, as I know it's ultimately only going to affect me. I want to be able to trust, love and be happy like anyone else. Because I deserve it. However, the thought of committing to anyone else makes me uncomfortable. I hate the person I was when I was with my ex, and never wish to go back again. Despite that, I don't want, and should not have to remain alone for the rest of my life.

So I guess the correct question would be: how do I start trusting again? And how do I find a nice, compassionate and loving woman who's compatible with me, and whom I will grow together with in mutual friendship and love?


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  • It's very rare, so once you find it, don't let it perish.

    • What's rare? Finding someone compatible, trust, or finding a decent woman who will stand by me through thick and thin?

    • Trust and true love.

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