I think the guy I like at work might like me too, but how can I know for sure if I don't always see him?

there's this boy at work that I like- I've known him for 6 months now. I always had a feeling he liked me back but I'm getting frustrated that nothing has happened yet. He would stick around to talk to me or talk to me rather than other people standing around that we knew. But We have had different schedules some months so there are weeks where we aren't able to talk or see each other, so that makes it hard to talk more. Lately he's been sitting with me or eating with me more, but now I will not see him for a while. If we are in different departments and see each other only ever so often now, how can I see if he likes me-or should I even try anymore?


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  • You could try asking him to hang out together during a time when you will both be free.


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