Relationship experience required?

Hey all, I'm 22 and I took the bait in when people say "just wait a girl will come by". I learned about two years ago that it's up to the male to audition to get accepted by a girl instead of a girl liking me and talking to me. Since I'm so late to the game, I want to know how much does prior experience matter, and how to fake it to start off if it's a requirement. Also, should I be less emotional if I do find someone? I'm not sure if a girl knowng I'm inexperienced would be a turn off


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  • I don't care that much about experience as long as you aren't totally weird.

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    • @Acorn what kind of performance do you think relationships need? Lol. All I ask is that he doesn't come at it as an insecure kid, that's all. Just be a good guy, don't put pressure on yourself, and don't overthink it.

    • Like how to act in general, some girls want the emotionless brutish guys and some are okay with sensitive guys, like i'm scared i won't be able to read her to act how she wants me to and then she'll leave

  • I would say that being honest is the best option. That being said, you obviously wouldn't open with "Hi I'm (insert name here) and I have absolutely no relationship experience at all, wanna go out sometime?" Realistically you should just be yourself and when and if things start to get more serious with a girl just let her know about your inexperience. Being upfront and truthful about it will score you much more points than lying and probably getting caught later down the road!

    • Thanks for your reply, but do girls have patience for inexperienced guys? It seems easier for them to drop a guy like me and wait for a real man.

    • Some girls do, some don't! It really all depends on the girl! Personally I think it's cute when guys are inexperienced and shy and whatnot! As long as they eventually open up and are willing to learn and work on it and experience new things then it's all good! Girls will appreciate you being real with them and if they like you then they will be accepting of your inexperience and be patient!

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