If the person you're dating thinks school is stupid.. how do you respond to that?


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  • Honestly, a lot of what is taught in school is complete garbage and doesn't prepare you at all for the real world. I have a double major in business economics and finance from a top 50 ranked US business college, but I'd say only about 5-10% of what I learned from it is actually applicable in real life.

    I run my own businesses, and almost all of what I do is self-taught.

    In that sense, I do agree that school is stupid. I have the same opinion as him and I'm pretty successful. You should ask him if he thinks LEARNING is stupid. If he says yes to that too, then that's your cue to run away and never look back haha.

    • I have to disagree and agree with you on some parts.
      Yes, while school curriculum does not prepare you for the real world I believe that is where networking and experience comes in absolutely. You learn a lot about people... you learn a lot about how certain companies work without the paper.

      But school is NEVER stupid. You get what you put into it.
      I've seen successful people go to school but they're not "smart"
      I've seen people that didn't go to school and they're "smart"
      While my question was a general one.
      How about you answer it if you partner is like how mine was.

      Your gf/bf says school is stupid, but they spend their time at bars and partying 4-6 times of the week always drunk. They don't know what they want to do with their life. They literally said they just want to work and that's it. How would you respond to that?

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  • I would ask him how he planned on getting through life without knowledge attained at school. Sure, school can be a bore and its not fun to get up early and stay in a class full of people and be restricted on what you can do, but at the end of the day you need that education to even make it in the U. S., what job could you get that would ensure financial security and a good future if you dropped out because it was "stupid". I'd straight up tell him that he could do what he wants, but he better know that at least, or he'll be the one who is stupid.

    • In the US? You mean in the world. USA is highly lenient on education.
      They wouldn't even make it anywhere in any other country without a degree.
      Other countries surpass us in education which is sad.
      Yes, school can be a bore but it's what you put into it.
      But yes... yes.. true that.

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  • Depends on how old they are. If they're 25 and a high school drop out I am walking away right then and there. I don't play with people who are lazy or stupid.

    • Okay they just turned 25 and they party/ drink frequently. They didn't say school is stupid.. they said fuck school.

    • I would walk away.

    • I don't play with the lazy or stupid.

  • "Oh shit... I'm with a dumb one... *sigh* but she hot tho :( "

    • What if she was average and not hot though...

    • I wouldn't date her, just like I wouldn't date her if she was hot either. I want a smart woman, not a dumb one.

  • School actually is stupid. I thought it back then, and everybody told me you will get it when you are older. And now Im older and I still think its stupid.

    • You're only 24? That's not older... just wait a bit more.

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    • Lost cause here..

    • Do explain?

  • "bye"

  • If it's stupid how come you're not in it?

    • Lol omg...
      do you think he or she would break up with you if you told them that?

    • Lmao I really don't know. It depends on your partner and their ridicule tolerance. You know your guy better than I do haha

    • I dont have one but I did date one that said school was stupid. All he did was party and drink lol.

  • You ask him to explain why.

    • If they give a stupid answer back?

    • you wouldn't want to be with a stupid person, would you?

  • Tell their DUMB A$$ to get an education, and then dump them!! You can do better!!


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  • I don't know, I kinda agree that some of it is stupid. HOWEVER if he didn't value education, then I don't know if I could stay with him. As education is very important in my life, it doesn't have to necessarily be in a formal instituciĆ³n, like school, but he has to be open to it.

    • I don't know. I see what you mean with school vs education.
      But I feel like school and education are on the same level.
      While school won't teach you everything it's up to you to get the most out of your education.

      Yeah, only reason I ask is because I remember my ex saying that before we broke up.
      He was 25 and just partying and black out drinking every single night almost.
      I'm a bit younger than him and his friend asked if I went to college. I said yes...
      my boyfriend at the time said school was so stupid. I never been so turned off in that moment I heard that come out of his mouth.

    • Now thats a turn off lol I wouldn't stay

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