Why would she do this?

This girl has liked me\been infatuated with me for a while now, and I've liked her too, but the thing is I'm pretty sure she has a boyfriend. I saw her with a guy and she tried to hide and acted super awkward when I saw them (in a very public place, and he looked confused), but normal around others. It wasn't obvious that they were togther but how she reacted made me think so. I think this was before they were official. She also tries to hide him on certain social media but not others. This guy is like her dream guy, but I think I have a few advantages. I tried contacting her to ask her out but couldn't reach her. Do you think she still likes me since she wqs into me for a while? Why would she care if I saw her with another guy if a lot of people already know?


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  • From what you said maybe she was trying to hide her boyfriend from you (that's why she was acting weird) because she possibly still has feelings/still likes you. She probably still likes you... for the most part. I think a lot of girls can have multiple crushes at once even though that's probably not the most optimal thing. She would care if you saw her with another guy because she still has feelings and wants to convey this to you. If she didn't care, she wouldn't hide her boyfriend and she'd be totally all about him. By her actions it kind of shows that there is still some interest between her and you!! Good luck.

    • Why would she not respond to me trying to get in touch with her then?

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    • She froze? Or you? Honestly I'm not sure what to tell you except for wait a little bit and see if things play out. She could break up, you never know. But I think things happen for a reason, so if it is meant to work itself out, it will, if not, you'll find another girl!

    • I did, but she seemed nervous too. Yeah I wanted to do something before things get too serious... I'm not sure if I've done my part...

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