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Ok so yesterday I went to this speech night where people give speeches & so one of the guys who was giving a debate speech and I just couldn't keep my eyes off him he was so cute and so before the event started they gave out fylers and it has all the contestant names, should I find him online and message him or is that too creepy? I mean I've never done something like this 😟


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  • he's a guy... not many guys are weirded out by a girl trying to get with him. it's not creepy, it's a tool you have at your disposal, back in the day you had to stalk bitches to their house now it's simply "hey I put all my shit about my life online" it's an invitation for people to find you and connect

    • What do i send in the message

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    • Ok well do! My friends told me not to mention the whole speech thing or that i even saw him because its creppy?

    • nah. it's creepy to be some random who just happened to message you lol be upfront and honest

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  • I mean you can do it he'll probably be weirded out but he'll add you back 😂

    • You think its weird? How so lol

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