What do you find attractive and unattractive in the opposite gender?

Even the sma traits matter.
What kind of voice in a male offs ale partner do you prefer?
What kind of hobbies, looks or thoughts?
LGBT peeps are welcome to answer as well.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I find a woman that is reliable and true to her word very attractive. I find women in skirts and thin chokers attractive.
    I find flaky women, and undependable women unattractive. I find thick chokers, and micro shorts unattractive.

    • It seems you place a good deal of importance on a woman's choice of choker.

    • Well kind of at least in my preferences. There are a few hugely different kinds of chokers. So I like to make a distinction between them. Also different kind of women wear different kinds of chokers. One kind wears one that really chokes her. Another wears a dog collar. A third which I like is much more of a proper lady who wears a nice choker as an accessory instead of the main attraction.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Thanks for thinking about LGBT peeps.

    Attractive In Men:
    -Can start and carry good conversations
    -Naturally friendly
    -Less emotional than women (a general like about men, not specific)
    -Good manners/helps without being asked
    -Knows the right way to be honest, i. e. it's not what you say but how you say it
    -Show genuine interest in me, i. e. listen when I talk, remember what I say, ask questions about me, etc
    -Voice doesn't really matter, but speaking style does. I like guys who sound intelligent, don't use ebonics but don't talk like a geeky white guy, either. Not big on accents, either--I like standard American speech.
    -Hobbies... I'd rather a homebody than someone who loves to go out/be around a ton of people, drink and/or party. I want to just do stuff together in private, or go out to eat, and of course have good convo.
    -Looks... taller than me, and I'm 5'4 or so, so... not hard. I like dark features, i. e. dark eyes, dark hair, some skin coloring.
    -Thoughts... history, politics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, culture, education and the world. And don't be sexist.

    Unattractive In Men:
    -Sexism, lack of intelligence, everything being about sex, being clueless about society/the world, being too young, being violent, having no manners, sleeping around/having slept with a lot of women

    Attractive In Women:
    -Mainly the same as in men, but also...
    -I like strong women who can get fiery or are the type who are very cool until you mess with her, so the type you better not mess with.
    -I love feminine women. A woman who looks amazing in dresses wins.
    -I like women to be shorter than me, not taller.

    Unattractive In Women:
    -Basically the same as in men, but also...
    -If she's young, like in her early 20s, I'd rather not. BUT they're everywhere I turn now, and some are really attractive. So, it's hard to say no. But she needs to be more mature than most women her age.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Attractive? Bubbliness, bounciness, nerdiness, open-mindedness, understanding, assertiveness.

    Unattractive? Bad attitude, loudness, blabbermouthiness. Paranoia/lack of trust. Dishonesty, lying, or avoiding subjects/lack of straightforwardness.

  • i love a girl whos is down to earth and is really easy to talk to.

  • Boobs/aas


What Girls Said 3

  • In men I look for virtue in whatever form that it might take and I am also attracted to guys with a high degree of self-love or self-interest but they have to be humble too so can't be prideful or arrogant. I like guys that are ambitious, willing to sacrifice for what they want out of life, respectful, polite, gracious, easy going, selfless, giving, generous, compassionate, intelligent, confident, honest, opinionated, hard working, open minded, fun, funny and easy to talk to.

  • Attractive: knows and enjoys swimming
    Plays badminton, and basketball occasionally
    Cycles now and then around evening or morning
    Wears black shirt
    Uses cologne
    Minty breath
    Amazing brain

  • For guys or girls I think if they are rude or narcissistic it is so majorly unattractive i can't stand it.


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