Does he want to date me?

It's been a few months since October since me a this guy have met. We talk everyday since we met. Both in person and in text. He would stare at me a lot, give me rides home often, ask me questions about myself, he asked me out to go with him to a place, we went out all day after work since we work together. We replay each other's pics on snap. He came to my house once to see a movie and we kept getting closer n we made out. The movie he chose was about a guy that has a big crush on this girl. afer that a few car rides he would wait for me n in the car would talk to me in a super kind soft voice I never have heard before n look at me so nice. its been a while since we have gone out so I invited him if he wanted to eat with me at this place he mentions a lot, he agreed. he tried to touch my hand a few times before. when I arrived at the place to eat he looked nervous cuz I looked a bit nicer than I usually do for work. It went well and he still talks to me everyday, sends me pics n I'll do the same n sometimes he will write flirty emojis. after each car ride he hugs me. I invited him to my house again n we will prob talk a lot again and makeout. When I mention guy friends he get really upset and jealous. Now we are cofmetable with one another but he hasn't made any moves i noticed he only flirts in text. He's very outgoing talkative but quiet respectful nice with me. He says my name a lot now and teases a little. I'm shy but I talk to him n have done many bold moves. he dreamt about us once too and told me and when I told him something kinda flirty about it in person he was looking down but in text he was using flirty emojis n confident lol. Completely different. But for some reason with our friends it's easier to say jokes n anything we want but with each other we both act different


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  • If you're inviting each other out and spending time alone together, and you've kissed... you are dating... what else would you call that?

    • The thing is we went on a date in December and barely again January.. I thought u had to go on dates every week or weekend.

    • A date is a date, so if you go on a date, you were dating, if the dates are scattered, it's still dating but without any consistency. You really need to have a conversation about this with him.

  • that's cus you guys like each other and yes that's dating. You're practically boyfriend and girlfriend lol


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