Why are guys weird?

All guys I know have dated or liked someone or some girls because they're hot and because they have nice boobs and an ass.
Why is that because they always end up breaking up lol


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  • Are all the guys you know around your age and in high school? That is probably why. At this time, they are more focused on what aesthetically pleases their senses. They are more concerned with their hormones and fulfilling them. Now, not all people are like this but during high school is when teenagers are riding the whoremone train.


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  • Because they're too young for an actual relationship. They get together for the wrong reasons, as with many teenagers. It's a fairly common story.

    • All the girls I know are nothing like them
      All the girls aren't millennials and are all virgin but one

    • Or so the tell you. It may be true, but it's not uncommon for young people to lie about this. But you're right, young girls tend to be just a bit more reserved, than teen boys.

    • I got with this girl I meet in scouts
      We became a thing and that went on for 2 years
      It only ended about 3 months ago because of society was a bitch and because of school we didn't get to have any time to be just with our friends eg

      I'm playing gang up with my mates and I'm in a bush about to sprint across an oval when my “friend” xhanthe comes over with her squad and they have a go at me about how I'm “avoiding her”

      When Really we both wanted to have a break for one day

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  • They lose interest in that hottie and try to find someone new who can bring them a whole new feeling. Its the same for girls.


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  • Because they're 14 and two weeks is a long term relationship?

    When my sis was a counselor at a middle school she overheard a couple boys she knew talking:

    Boy 1: I heard you and (some girls name) broke up.

    Boy 2: I didn't know we were going out.

    • Wow if 2 weeks is a long term relationship then in grade 7-8 what was my relationship status

      It went for 2 years

  • Biology?

  • (Though they are very important)

    • Sorry the comment was somehow deleted

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    • I'm not in a relationship some of my friends have girlfriends and one has had sex with his girl frien and we're all 14

    • That's terrible tbh. My point is when a person grows up his way of thinking will change. You won't just think about this girl's body and having sex with her, you'll care about her personality as long as you want to be in a relationship with her.

  • I've never dated a girl for just her body