GUYS? Would you forgive?

I know that you hate it when he girls get too emotional and often overreact , which leads to fights. After taking a break, would you consider coming back to the girl and try to start again? Can you get over the fights?
I've had a couple of fights with the boy I've been dating, because I was angry for no reason, because he could balance his work, studies, friends and me? Now we are having a break and I've seen what I've done, and usually I'm not the type of girl who makes such fights, but I did, and now I regret it and i want to start again, after I took a bit of time for myself and cleared my head.


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  • Its about the war.
    I believe conflict and chaos is the path to enlightenment.
    The path to heaven, runs through hell.
    Suffering will lead to salvation.
    Happiness will lead to destruction.


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  • When people take a break, they usually break up right after it.


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  • Yeah. sometimes things happen. No big deal.

  • Forgive, yes. Get back with her, no.

  • no dont release your anger on someone for fault he did

    • what do you mean I don't understand you?

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    • First of all you are rude. and yes I do have friends and i DO have a lot of work to do... we meet only during the weekend I have said. .. and I needed two hours is this defined as 100 % ?

    • rude hhhhhhhhh instead of getting a fight why didn't u tell him thats not enough time

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