Girls, What are some good date ideas that don't involve food or drinks?

Alternating between putting stuff in your mouth and trying to hold a conversation has always been awkward form me. Plus, food makes me sleepy and it gets difficult to continue the date after a few morsels. That definitely makes sex after the date unlikely. Coffee dates work sightly better for me than dinner dates because I don't feel drowsy during coffee dates, but I still struggle alternating between sipping and talking. When I'm with my friends, I either talk or eat and drink, but not both. It makes both having conversations and enjoying food or drinks more enjoyable.
So, I'd like some good date ideas that don't include eating or drinking as the main event. Food or drinks are not a problem if it's not the main part of the date, such as stopping for some ice cream. Please give me some ideas. Thanks :).


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  • Going for a Walk, going to the movies, going swimming, going to the beach if you can

    • I can't swim, but the rest is cool 👍. If she also can't swim, we can both take swimming classes together, but I'm sure if that would be good date idea.

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    • Nice. Thanks.

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