Guys, do any of you think it would actually be nice to marry a girl from overseas so that you can be her guide when she comes to your home country?


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  • I sort of have that. I'm from Japan originally and my wife is Japanese, but I'm mixed (Japanese/American and Asian/Caucasian). I spent my high school and university years in the U. S., and also lived for a couple of years in Singapore.

    So it's kind of exciting to me when I go to the U. S. with my wife and can act as her tour guide and translator.

    That said, for the question itself, it sounds risky to me. Bringing a girl outside of her home country overseas to a different one might make her incredibly homesick, even though it might be fun initially to adventure together and serve as tour guide.

    That was the case with me anyway. Even though I enjoyed my time in the U. S., I moved back here to my home country not shortly after graduating since as much as I loved the U. S., I never felt like it was my real home.

    • That said, I go by the philosophy: "Home is where the people you care about live." If the girl doesn't have so many great friends back in her home country and she's not so close to her family and can easily make amazing friends in the new country, I think it might be easier for her to come overseas and not get incredibly homesick.

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    • ... simultaneously while my mother took me the U. S., I became incredibly homesick for Japan. She wanted to keep me in the U. S. but I had to leave her after I finished my scholarship and was on my own. I got tickets back to Japan as soon as I could and never looked back.

    • I ended up not only abandoning my mother but also my sister in the process. My was younger and spent more of her childhood in the U. S. She felt like it was her home, so she never got homesick as I did for Japan. That homesickness kind of fractured our entire family.

  • Meh, I'd mainly be marrying her because she's exotic in that case.


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  • Like purposely trying to find someone overseas? I don't trust those men to be honest.


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