Conversation starters?

Good morning ladies and gents!

I'm curious to know for the women, what kind of online dating opening messages will compel you to reply? What holds your interest to keep it going and what would make you end the convo.

Men- what convo starters have you used that have failed epically and which have you had the most success with?


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  • Compliments about my personality or skills. That makes a girl feel truly special. And out of kindness or interest we start to talk.


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  • What works is actually reading a lady's profile - not just looking at the pictures like it's your daddy's Playboy magazine :) - and responding to something that she wrote about herself. If she says that she enjoys classic rock, I message her and tell her that I saw Kansas, Styx, Foreigner, and Alan Parsons Project in concert last year, and I ask her if she enjoys attending rock concerts. That shows that I read her profile, I am not sending her a canned email, and I am developing information for future date options.

    • Totally agree, however in today's day and world new dating apps like tinder don't contain much information besides pictures... noticed a lot of the younger generation either has it blank, extremely general, or written purely in emoji.

      I'm assuming you're using sites like match/ e-harmony etc

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    • I avoid workplace romances all together, always a bad idea (interns are an exception)

    • Bill Clinton agrees with you! :) :) :)

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  • Someone that want to chat about something in my profile. We chat and if we like each continue chat ^^


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